Meanwhile, back in Trollhattan….

I got an email from ‘Barracuda’, who’s recently spent a little vacation time in Sweden, taking in the sights of both Stockholm and Trollhattan.
I feel intensely jealous when I get stuff like this, but anyway…..
Two years ago this month, back in June 2007, I was in Trollhattan for the Saab Festival. The 2008 refresh for the Saab 9-3 was due to be unveiled on the final day of the festival, but there were a reasonable number of 2008 models already being driven around on the streets there by Saab employees.
Fast forward to 2009, and whilst I’m not sure there are any product debuts planned for the Saab Days activity that’s happening next month, it seems some of the new models not officially available just yet are making the rounds on Trollhattan’s streets.
Barracuda snapped the following shots for our mutual enjoyment. There’s more over on his Flickr account.
A Saab 9-3x in red, with XWD, tootles around the streets of Trollhattan.
A TTiD model, parked in the factory carpark.

A 9-3 SportCombi with the TX pack, giving it some Turbo X lookalike features.
A sedan with the same Turbo X pack. Thos wheels look awesome on the lighter colored car.
Is that a classic Alfa Romeo I see before me??
The visit included a trip to the Saab Museum, of course!
And Barracuda’s own – superb – 900 convertible at the factory entrance.

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