Memo to a young, new Saab – aim for the WRC…..really

I know rallying costs a lot of money, but this just looks like such a good fit that it makes sense…..
Picture one of these:


And picture it done up in all sorts of WRC livery. I’ll let the photoshoppers take care of that, but you can picture it.

Many have mentioned Saab’s rally heritage before and I KNOW that Saab has other priorities in the next few years, but a smaller 9-3 sized vehicle would be a perfect vehicle for Saab’s return to motorsport. Why?

The FIA has just released new guidelines for the 2011 season and they’ve got Saab ‘rightsizing’ written all over them.

At its meeting in Paris today the FIA World Motor Sport Council made a number of crucial decisions regarding the future of the World Rally Championship and the cars which will contest it.


Technically, the biggest news is that from 2011 World Rally Cars will be powered by a 1600cc turbo engine instead of the current 2000cc turbo unit. This decision overturns one made earlier this year which stated that World Rally Cars would be powered by a normally aspirated 2000cc engine in 2011, with a proposed switch to a 1600cc turbo engine in 2013.

The FIA said the date for introduction of the 1600cc engine had been brought forward to bring it in line with the units used in the cars on sale to the public.


2011 may be a little early, but 2012 would have to be a chance for a new smaller 9-3 with a 1.6 HOT engine, shouldn’t it?

An article at Tekniken’s Varld indicates that the Swedish Touring Car Championship may follow the same lead, so at least a campaign in this series might be a chance.

I’m a sports nut. I’d love something big and substantial to cheer for.

Thanks Per!

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