Memo to a young, new Saab – build the Aero X!

I know I’m now getting into the realm of fantasy, but it’s late, my internet service provider was down all afternoon until just an hour ago, and I need something to cheer me up.
So I thought I’d tap this story from Autoblog, which claims that Citroen are actually considering building their GT car, which was initially designed as an actor in a video game.
It’s called the GTbyCitroen, it looks quite desireable and most of all, would be a massive “look at me” from Citroen. Much like 8C Competizione was for Alfa – my goodness what a beautiful car that was. Just writing it’s name gave me goosebumps.
Back to the GT:

The indication of Citroen’s deliberation reportedly comes straight from the mouth of the company’s product guru Vincent Besson (think Bob Lutz with a beret and a dangling Gauloise). Apparently Citroen has received a number of prospective orders from potential buyers who’d like to see the supercar drive off their plasmas and into their garages.

Ignore the stereotypes. The news here is of a car company willing to take something to the edge. Citroen have re-discovered some of their mojo in the last few years. They’re selling (in comparative terms) like hotcakes here in Australia and look great on the road.
A marquee model like this would do them no harm at all in the publicity stakes.
And what better way for Saab to reintroduce themselves to the world as a new, fresh and independent entity that by doing what we’ve all been wishing they’d do since way back in 2006 – by building the Aero X.
Imagine if they were unveiling a real production model!
It doesn’t have to have the fancy canopy top. I just needs to look this cool and drive as good as it looks.
I’d love to some some Saab engineers doing what the Holden guys did with the monaro, what the Saab guys back in the old days did with the original Sonett. Get out into a shed on the weekends and figure out how to get this done.
Now THAT would be a statement about Saab being able to do something under their new owners.
OK, time to wake up…..

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