Monday Nights Snippets – Trollhattan, Hummer and Swedish Metal

Doe Run Peru – the smelter operated by Renco and one of the primary reasons I’m concerned about them as an owner of Saab – is closing down for 90 days. This is due to ongoing uncertainty with regards to Renco’s inability to adhere to cleanup provisions, as well as weak commodity prices.
Further to James’ great letter of thanks to the people of Trollhattan, AFP have a story today about the impact that Saab’s difficult year is having on the locals there.
It’s a good read.
If you like your Swedish metal in both flavours – Saab and Volvo, then you should ckeck out the images at the following links:
Jeff attended a Saab/Volvo event at Redondo beach in southern California. There were heaps of great cars (including Walter Wong’s Sideways convertible) and just as many great people in attendance. Thanks for the heads-up, Jeff.
Also, there’s a folio of photos at Flickr that have been taken at both the Saab and Volvo museums. I’ve never seen the Volvo museum before, so it’s an interesting walk through the other Swede’s past.
Some alarming openness from Fritz Henderson when it comes to the sale of Hummer:

[Comment From Todd Lassa ]
How did a Chinese company with no prior history or experience in personal vehicle production snag the Hummer division? And can you comment on reports that the Opel-Magna deal isn’t final?
Fritz Henderson: with regard to hummer, the potential buyer sichuan tenzhong offered the best overall alternative, and we did not have broad portfolio of other buyers!

Of course, the Hummer deal is far from done just yet. Apparently the Chinese government isn’t all that happy with the idea and may veto the transaction, though I find it strange that this company could bid at all without the Chinese government’s say-so.
h/t to Autoprophet
The Chrysler/Fiat deal is also hitting a snag today, with a group of creditors appealing to the US Supreme Court in a bid to stall or even cancel the transaction. They are claiming that the deal is an improper use of TARP funds, which were earmarked for troubled assets of a different kind (mostly bad mortgages, IIRC).
If they are successful, it’ll definitely have a huge bearing on GM’s bankruptcy process.
Thanks None!
And finally, Autoblog are showing a video where Sir Sterling Moss gives a tour around his London home.
Sir Sterling is, of course, the brother to the late Pat Moss and thereby the brother-in-law of Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson.
It’s definitely worth a watch as the house is full of 1970s cool gadgetry and a modern racy elevator as well.

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