More on that JD Power initial quality survey

I reported on Saab’s showing in the 2009 JD Power Initial Quality Survey earlier today. It would seem that Saab didn’t do so well in the survey if you go by the graph alone…..
JD Power
……but what this graph misses out on is improvements in the industry over all, and by certain brands in particular. Those details might be in the accompanying text, but I wouldn’t know that because like what I imagine is a majority of people, when faced with limited time and the choice between a whole barrage of text and a simple chart, I’ll look at the simple chart.
The Detroit News has an interesting blog post about this today:

J.D. Power won’t disclose the vehicle with the most problems, but will say it had 181 problems per 100 vehicles sampled. That is less than two problems per vehicle, and a respectable showing compared to the early years of the study.
“No one is building junk anymore – those days are over,” said David Sargeant, vice president of automotive research at J.D. Power and author of the study. “We’re really talking about the difference between a really good car and a great car these days.”

It’d be nice if that quote was presented with the main chart, rather than buried in some accompanying text or an external website.

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