Robert Collin on Koenigsegg’s financiers

It’s fair to say that Robert Collin from Aftonbladet is not a fan of the idea of selling Saab to Koenigsegg.
The following is a Googletrans, tidied up as best as I was able, from an article in aftonbladet this weekend. Bits I couldn’t easily tidy up are in italics.
I think he’s asking similar questions to the ones we’ve asked here – who are Koenisegg’s financiers and what are their intentions? We tend to take it as given that they’ll follow the proposed business plan they’ve signed up to, but I think Collin is much more skeptical about either their intention or ability to do so (probably both).
Koenigsegg is the Swedish facade in this proposal. And there is Bård Eker the Norwegian. Neither of them have the money needed to save Saab, but both are nice poster names.
Koenigsegg was needed to charm the Swedes and the Swedish government, Bård Eker to attract the money of Norwegian investors.
The Koenigsegg family is penniless after all the losses of the super sports car adventure. And Bård Eker, according to Reuters data, already lost 80 million (!) as he filled in Koenigsegg’s large black holes. And now his money has started running out.
[Eker] Has good contacts
But the adventurer and playboy Bård Eker has good contacts in the Norwegian upper classes, and has tied up four or five of the Norwegian financial families to buy Saab. According to Aftonbladet’s sources, one of them is one of Norway’s major car dealers.
Spokes has also received with a known American riskkapitalist on the train.
Eker, according to Aftonbladet, had confused the almost four billion that General Motors calls for Saab. And he ensures that the Group has further almost six billion to develop the next 9-3 model.
According to Aftonbladet’s sources, none of the financiers are in the automotive industry today.
Provides GM space
Why did General Motors choose this, quite otippade and untested purchasers in large players in the automotive industry or subcontractor?
The buyer gives the General Motors bigger space.
Why dispose of Fiat as quickly? Well, that Fiat would not have any future business with GM.
And why sell GM Opel to Magna and not Fiat?
For the same reason. Magna is one of the world’s largest suppliers, which GM wants to have continued business with. Therefore, GM also keep a stake around 30 percent of Opel. In order to control purchases.
The end may come quickly
Same thing in Saab affair. General Motors wants to continue to take a small part, perhaps around 20 percent, and you want an owner who continue to buy expensive technology components from GM.
General Motors has whittled this down to a buyer who is milking the money out. But it is for Saab’s best?
On the contrary, it can be devastating for Saab, to Trollhättan and the American automotive industry.
If Koenigsegg and Bård Eker are also thinking starting to use Saab themselves, as they said in various interviews, may be the end for the small car maker in Trollhättan be faster than quick.

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