Saab 9-3 closer to entering Swedish race series

Auto Motor and Sport have an update on the effort to get a Saab 9-3 vehicle ready for the 2010 Swedish Touring Car Championship.
It looks like the team is called Saab Performance and is owned by a guy named Jan Warnestad. They did some testing last year at Saab’s own track in Trollhattan, but the project may have slowed after that due to uncertainty about Saab’s situation.
It seems they’re back on track now (literally) with a testing session held recently where they completed 96 laps at Gelleråsen.
Apparently all went well, with the team learning a lot about how they can improve the car, as well as setting a lap time that would have got them qualified in 12th place in the last STCC race held at that particular track.
Swedes should click through to AMS and read the original article.
In fact, all though click through to AMS, so you can watch the in-car video of the car in testing!
Good luck to these guys. I hope we can see them on the tarmac next year.
Thanks Dippen!

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