Saab 9-3x has “unmistakable smile”

Whilst some don’t like the domination that Google has over the internet marketplace, I happen to love the services they provide that make my life as a blogger so much easier.
They provide me with advertising revenue so I can keep things ticking over. They also host and serve my privately arranged advertising. They host my email, provide my site search, provide deep-delving statistics, host and serve my video and of course, the most recent thing I’ve been making good use of – translation services.
And all of that is for free, by the way.
Web translations services are imperfect, of course, which can be very frustrating sometimes, but other times it can lead to some absolute gems of translation as well. Such is the case with this review of the Saab 9-3x from VG-Nett in Norway.
Somehow, what I assume must be the original Norwegian for all-wheel drive (or something similar) has been translated throughout this review as “unmistakable smile”

The traditional carmaker bet big on that unmistakable smiling, an uplift of the car by 35 mm (which gives a ground clearance of 18 cm) and a new design expression røffere with plastic and aluminum will bilkjøperne back…..
….It is running extremely happy, and everything works just as good as expected. In particular, suspension and ride in the car impresses. Here, 9-3X a regular 9-3 with unmistakable smiling emphatic. ….
….Unmistakable smiling system XWD (Cross Wheel Drive) is also an innovation which is currently only available on X 9-3 and 9-3.

You can see why this review bought such an unmistakable smile to my face…..Buy the new Saab 9-3x and get an unmistakable smile as well!!
The review itself is quite good and worth a Googlified read if you’ve got a few minutes to spare and can unmingle the words. The original article in Norwegian is here.
They certainly give the car a big thumbs-up, rating it five out of six on their dice system and paying compliments in every department except for the lack of a diesel-XWD combination.
Saab = unmistakable smile.

Thanks Alexander!

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