Saab 9-4x spotted in Belgium – again

The good news just keeps on getting gooder!
I know there’s a few people who are cold on the Saab 9-4x, which is fine. I was a little guarded about it when I first saw it in Detroit last year but the interior alone gave me cause to be positive and as time has gone on, I’ve got more and more partial to the exterior, too.
Now that the K-Segg deal is underway, Saab have an opportunity for added impetus in their marketing and thats going to benefit the whole brand. One of the biggest beneficiaries, I think, could be the Saab 9-4x.
The traditional Saab customer may not be an SUV or Crossover customer. Say what you will about the 9-7x, but the one thing it proved is that there are customers out there who like the idea of a bigger vehicle with a Saab badge. The 9-7x was Saab’s second-best selling vehicle in the US since they day they launched it and the 9-4x will correct all the mistakes they made when they badge engineered a Chevy into a Saab suit.
I think it’s got heaps of potential, especially in the United States and with a diesel engine option, more than you might think in Europe, too.
So I’m stoked to see it in testing once again in Belgium. There’s a couple of new photos at Autoscoops.
The photos don’t really show us anything new, although with the 9-5 getting closer it’s interesting to see the rear of this car as I think the 9-5 might be similar. It’s just good to see it again. I like the proportions and I like the look of the whole vehicle.
When I saw it in Detroit last year I poo-poohed the idea of driving it enthusiastically but the Saab people at the motor show quickly told me to keep an open mind. It’s not going to be a thrill machine, but new crossovers are called crossovers because they’ve got a lot of car characteristics built in from the ground up.
Now that this vehicle’s getting closer, I’m really looking forward to seeing it, and more importantly – driving it, too.

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