Saab 96 electric car

Woodz sent me a link to a story at Lancaster Online, about a guy named Brandon Hollinger who has turned what looks like it should have been a parts car into a fully functioning electric vehicle.
Electric Saab 96 - 1.jpg
Not the tidiest looking Saab, eh? Well, this is actually the good one. Hollinger bought a pair of Saab 96s – one to use and one for bits – and having never previously built anything in his life, proceeded to turn his ‘keeper’ Saab 96 into a rechargeable electric car.
This is Hollinger with the engine bay of his 96. V4 “out”, batteries and 96-volt electric motor “in”. Yes, a 96-volt motor for a 96. Poetic.
Electric Saab 96 - 2.jpg
Of course, what I like about this story is that it’s not only a Saab being featured (which is good), but it’s a Saab guy being featured. As you can see in the still shot from the video, below, Brandon also owns a Saab 900 Turbo, which still runs on dino-juice.
Electric Saab 96 - 3.jpg
The full story, with pictures and video, is available here.
Thanks WooDz!

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