Saab future reviewed at Autocar

Hilton Holloway from has just spent a little time over in Trollhattan and he’s posted a pretty decent writeup of Saab’s future plans on the site.
It’s the lead story at the moment, so it’s great to see Saab getting this sort of positive press.
The CGI image they’re using is apparently the closest we’ve seen yet to the real thing (and that’s not the artist telling me that – it’s a contact at Saab).
Link: Saab 9-5 and future plans at Autocar
The dot points:

  • 9-5 vs Insignia – longer wheelbase and unique styling inside and out.
  • Standard and premium suspension offerings. Engines from little diesel to 2.8V6 petrol.
  • Another facelift of the 9-3 before a new one comes along, based on modified Delta II architecture (this will be the ‘smaller car’ they’re referring to in current adverts)
  • A model of the proposed next 9-3 has been shown to prospective buyers (though I’ve heard – just quietly – that it’s not too Saaby)
  • Saab plan to design future cars in-house, using off-the-shelf parts they’ll be able to purchase from multiple suppliers. Think small boxed Lego set vs access to huge tubs of Lego pieces.
  • Engine development deals to be done with various suppliers.

It’s a very good read and well worth your 5 minutes or so.

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