Saab has 138,000,000,000 problems per 100,000,000,000 vehicles!!

……and that’s 30 billion problems more per 100 billion cars made than the industry average!!!!
The latest JD Power initial product quality survey has just been released and as has been the practice since Adam wore short pants, Saab hasn’t done well.
The actual measure that JDP use is problems reported per 100 vehicles. On this scale, Saab had 138 problems recorded, though there’s no description as to what these problems are, or the reliability of the data.
The best brand was Lexus with 84-per and the worst brand was MINI with 165-per.
Here’s the table. Click
I’m sure that car companies have a love/hate relationship with this survey. Those at the top probably love it and those lower down the list probably cower at the thought of it coming out.
Because being at the bottom of this report gives an initial impression that product isn’t much good in quality terms. The measure of problems-per-100 doesn’t help this.
But if you move the decimal point a few digits to the left, you’ll see that the actual measure per car makes the race a lot closer.
In fact, as the Associated Press points out, there’s less than one problem-per-vehicle difference between first and last on that table. Add to that the fact that industry, as a whole, is improving and things don’t seem so bad after all.
They just look bad on a graph.

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