Saab-Koenigsegg announcement – may be as late as next week

The stories about Koenigsegg’s bid for Saab are everywhere on the net. If you’re currently on the front page of Saabs United then scroll down for some of the Swedish stories that are doing the rounds this morning.
Something we should all be aware of, however, is summed up well over at Auto Motor and Sport.

So far there is no official confirmation from either the Saab Automobile or Koenigsegg – but consistent data from the Report is the deal settled. Koenigsegg becomes new owner of the Saab!
Already last week, we knew that a decision could come by the end of this week and it is known that all three bidders have been collected in Sweden and at Deutsche Bank, which handles sales to General Motors.
The actual transaction will take probably several weeks – maybe months – to negotiate clearly with all its details, before a formal transfer can take place from General Motors to Koenigsegg. But the parties are likely write a letter of intent, perhaps as early as the end of this week, confirming that a buyer is appointed.

I’ve been tapping the phones this evening and am getting the same story:
No official announcement has been made by General Motors at this time.
The decision is most likely resting with the US treasury at this point, as they’re the substantive owners of GM.
An announcement could come today, but is perhaps more likely on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
I guess we’ll all have to wait until then before being absolutely 100% sure that Koenigsegg are the ones to take negotiations to the next step.
For now we’ll just have to remain 99.9% sure.

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