Saab-Koenigsegg – so what do you think?

I know there’s been a lot of joy expressed and not a little caution about Koenigsegg’s emergence as the bidder that GM will continue to negotiate with.
I’ve been concentrating on posts that give a little more background about Koenigsegg so we can have an understanding that goes beyond cool cars. I’m especially interested in the guy who’s turning out to be the one in the spotlight – Bard Eker.
He’s the one who said it would be a dream to own Saab. He’s the guy who seems to have made a lot of the right moves in his career. But then he’s also the guy who questioned why Saab would need as many engineers as they have.
Is he a Norwegian Richard Branson or a guy who’ll end up in debt up to his eyeballs pursuing a fool’s errand?
Saab have already received a massive kick in the grassroots media from the Koenigsegg decision. For every analyst who’s questioning the deal there are a thousand or more car fans who see it as a massive boost for Saab’s image.
That’s nice for now, but what will it mean, if anything, for the future?
I guess that will all depend on what Koenigsegg plan to do with Saab and how integrated the two become in the next year or so. It’ll take some time to see mechanical additions to the Saab lineup from this partnership, but there are things that can be done fairly quickly.
Marketing and PR are the most obvious areas where Saab can benefit straight away and I hope they are preparing to take maximum advantage of this – if and when the deal is done.
Business support is going to be a big issue as well and I hope Koenigsegg retain and recruit the right people where they need to. Saab have worked hard to survive already. Don’t forget that it wasn’t so long ago that production in Trollhattan was threatened and I’m sure that move would have been a substantive threat to Saab themselves.
They deserve an owner who’s going to maximise Saab’s strengths and benefit from them.
I hope Koenigsegg turn out to be an owner who can do that.
Let’s call this the definitive thread for people’s thoughts on this deal.
Over all, I’m very excited about the potential for this partnership. I might be living in fairy land, but I believe that a smart, smaller car company can carve a niche if their products are right and their people are hardworking and intelligent. The last 18 months has shown us that bigger isn’t better. Hopefully the next 18 months can show that smarter is better.
And we know that Saab is full of smart people.
Whether you’re happy, worried, overjoyed or cautious about this arrangement, please let us know why in comments.

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