Saab Pride – what to do?

Last year, I was going to put together a book of your photos and stories – called Saab Pride – and based on the Saab Pride of Ownership competition we had at Trollhattan Saab some time ago.
I received plenty of submissions for the project. More than enough, actually.
My problem is that despite having all this material here in my inbox, I know beyond all reasonable doubt that I’m not going to have time to collate, edit and publish the book.
The last 6 months of Saab news has put me in a position where I really welcome the announcement that’s been made regarding the sale to Koenigsegg. I need to get back to being some sort of normal person again. Doing all this blogging stuff is fine and dandy, but when you throw in a full time job and family commitments, it all becomes a bit too much – a fact I’m only realising now that the announcement has been made and things have calmed down a bit.
What I propose to do is publish the Saab Pride submissions here as entries on the website over the next few months. It may be that in doing so, slowly, I’ll be able to take the edited versions from the site and format them into a book anyway.
It just seems like a huge waste to have these stories and images sitting around without them being shared amongst the community.
Saab Lithuania

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