Saab sale update

Some good news is emerging with various news services reporting that the Swedish government have met all three of the bidders for Saab, and that they’re ready to sit down with any of them and talk about loan guarantees.
This is a very positive development, as the government’s willingness to do so is paramount in getting something signed on paper.
ctm summed up the various reports as follows:

The government now says that they are prepared to immediately negotiate about state-guaranteed loans for the three bidders interested in buying Saab. The government has met all of the remaining bidders, and some have expressed an interest in state-guaranteed loans at a takeover.

And he added the interesting observation that if only “some” have interest in state guaranteed loans, that means that one of them is well financed and possibly looking to bypass the loan procedure.
I wonder if that will be a factor?
TTELA have a report in today that sums up the three remaining bidders.
It then goes on to mention a few interesting things.
The GoogleTrans:

I further understand that all three final candidates not only bought the Saab’s business plan, but are also willing to spice it. Perhaps with a Saab 9-1.

Now that is excellent news!

But, despite this attempt at logical reasoning: Actually, we have no idea who the candidates best. Ultimately, GM’s words, not Saab’s desire, as predominant.
And the reason GM, which now sits in the GM Europe headquarters in Zurich and is negotiating with the three final candidates in parallel? Perhaps it is not more difficult than GM simply select the bid that is most economically advantageous – for GM.

I can add my own piece of Djup Strupery to this. It’s a point of concern, but it is what it is.
Djup Strupe tells me that Jan-Ake Jonsson is not in Zurich at this crucial time. His lack of attendance likely at the insistence of either GME or Deutsche Bank.
It’s a little disturbing that Saab’s management can’t be represented at the highest level at what is a pretty delicate time.

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