Saab sales data – Sweden – May 2009

Saab sales are down, alright.
They have been for some time and it won’t be until we see some upswing again that we’ll get some rises that look as monumental as the falls that we’re experiencing now. Let me tell ya – if Saab can announce an owner soon, hit the ground running and get the 9-5 and 9-3x in dealers yards then May 2010 is going look like a party month when compared to a base like May 2009.
So on to the numbers during what is hopefully Saab’s last sales month as a subsidiary of General Motors.
1 Volvo V70 -2% (-24%)
2 Volvo V50 -2% (-21%)
3 VW Golf -20% (-36%)
4 VW Passat +7% (+10%)
5 Saab 9-3 390 cars (1320 cars YTD), -70% (-66% YTD)
– actually 6 more cars than April 🙂
13 Saab 9-5 169 cars (1300) cars YTD, -76% (-61% YTD)
The numbers are interesting as there’s a few models in the Swedish top 20 that did, or are doing amazingly well.
The Passat you can see, above.
Then there’s the KIA Cee’d, which is up 25% for the month and 18% for the year.
The BMW 3 series is up 11% for the month
The Toyota Auris is up 25% for the month
The Swedish market – in total – was down 31% for the month.
The Saab 9-3 BioPower has slipped to fourth in the ‘green’ market. The big mover there seems to be the VW Golf Multifuel, which was the third best selling green vehicle for the month.
Thanks ctm!!

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