Saab small market sales data – May 2009

Time for the smaller Saab markets and their sales data for May 2009.
If you’ve got sales data for your country, shoot me an email or leave the numbers in comments and I’ll add them here.
UPDATED – Germany and Australia added
16 Saabs sold in May (holy schmozzoli!).
Jan-May: 209 Saabs sold (vs 776 Saabs in 2008).
Thanks Tuomas!
Canada has been going pretty strong the last few months, but it seems the special offers must be exhausted as numbers were well down.
We don’t have exact numbers yet, but reports say sales are down 57% compared to May 2008 (which had a total of 154 cars) so its likely to be about 65 cars.
FYI Saab sold 303 cars in May 2007, so that’s a continued downward trend.
Thanks Zippy!
The vehicle scrapping bonus is still being offered in Germany and a lot of brands seem to be doing well because of it. Alfa Romeo are up 120% this year. Hyundai are up 145%. Even Mitsubishi are up 48%.
A number of companies are still down, though, and with such uncertainty portrayed in the press, Saab are one of them
Saab sales in Germany were just 142 for the month, down from 716 in the same month last year. So far in 2009, Saab sales are down by 60.5%
Thanks to Tobias at MobilForum Dresden
I don’t have any comparatives, but Saab sold 40 vehicles in Australia during May.
Hummer sold 38, so Saab was the top GM Premium Brand for the month.
Any excuse for some champagne poppage!

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