Saab US sales data – May 2009

US sales data is out for May 2009 and whilst it’s still more of the same for Saab there with sales down by massive amounts, it’s customary to cover these numbers in good times and in bad. So here we go.
Saab total – Saab sold 783 vehicles in total in the US. It wasn’t that long ago that they sold more 9-3s than that in a month. Saab car sales were down by 70% compared with May 2008, though sales of the 9-7x were actually up slightly on last year.
Saab 9-3 – sales of the Saab 9-3 totalled just 467 vehicles for the month, down by 72.8% from the 1,720 sold in May last year.
Saab 9-5 – sales of the Saab 9-5 totalled just 134 vehicles for the month, down by 47.2% from the 254 sold in May last year.
Saab 9-7x – as mentioned above, sales of the 9-7x were actually up from last year, with 182 sold in May 09 vs the 174 sold in the same month last year. That’s a small 4.6% rise.
2008 was a ‘down’ year and yet Saab sales are down by a massive 54.8% in total compared to last year in the United States. Saab have sold 4,607 vehicles this year, compared with 10,196 for the same period last year.
I think the consistent sales of the 9-7x point to the fact that this is still a very popular segment in the United States. The pending arrival of the 9-4x is going to be very important for Saab. I think it’s going to be a pretty good drive, too. We’ve tended to forget about the 9-4x with everything that’s going with the 9-5 and Saab’s sale process, but it’s not going to be far behind the 9-5 and may provide a bigger sales spike than the 9-5 in the US, at least.
If you’re a dealer in the US, what do you think Saab needs the most right at the minute?
The boost from separating from GM and the certainty and marketing message that will bring?
The new 9-5?
The 9-4x?

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