Site stats – May 2009

Wow. What a month.
It’s time once again for me to go through my own stats and bring you some of the interesting observations of the last month. April’s site stats were a blast. I just looked them up and to be honest, I think they’ll turn out to be historically significant in the life of this site.
But that was then, this is now. So let’s see what happened this month.
Saabs United – on its own – served up just over 289,000 page views in May. That’s up by around 85,000 over the previous month alone. Those pages were served up to 30,958 unique visitors, which once again was up significantly from the prior month (26,300).
Combining with Trollhattan Saab, the sites served up over 341,000 pages during May, which could just be a record and not bad for a little Saab site.
Last month I bought you the top 10 countries. They were pretty much the same this month, so I thought I’d do something different for May.
The top 10 cities were as follows:
Big shout-outs to all the homies in Melbourne – yeeeeeeeeeeeeah baby!
And as always, here are a few of the novel and notable locations……
There were 41 views from Koenigsegg’s home town last month. It’s a up a little in May:
The readership in China is certainly becoming more populous and diverse, too.
Hello Honolulu!!!!! Wish I was there right now, and we’re only 2 days into winter.
Does Portugal have the coolest place names on earth, or what? My wife wants to go there in a few years from now for her birthday.
There were 154 entries on the site during May, up around 50% on the previous month.

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