Some more Koenigsegg love – on video

My thanks have to go to WooDz for sending these links through.
It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but this is going to be your average Saab 9-5 or 9-3s big brother πŸ™‚
OK, it’s not really, but kinda. I’ll take it. Maybe some “my other Saab is a Koenigsegg” stickers are in order?
What we’ve got here are a few demonstrations of just how blisteringly quick the Koenigsegg CCX actually is.
The first video is a series of drag races between a Koenigsegg CCX and a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The acceleration is astounding and the view from the Ferrari (or from the porthole in the K-Segg) is just as thrilling.
The vids are after the jump but here’s a screenshot
Yes, those little white/yellow dots in the mirror are the Ferrari.
Of course, that’s straight line power, which isn’t what real world driving is about (not that these are real world cars, but you know what I mean). What if you introduce the CCX to some corners?
The first CCX attempt on Top Gear wasn’t a smashing success. Well, it was smashing, in that the car was too quick and unstable and wandered off the track and ate some tyres.
When Koenigsegg brought the car back to England with a rear spoiler fitted, the Stig flew it around the track in record-smashing time.
Both videos await you after the jump…..
NOTE: if are using Internet Explorer, watching the videos here may cause your browser to crash. It’s a glitch and no-one seems to know how to fix it (other than recommending you use Firefox or get a Mac).
You should click here to watch the drag races and click here for the Top Gear video.
Others, go end enjoy.

The CCX – Ferrari duel

Top Gear CCX

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