Sunday night snippets – Koenigsegg/Saab pause edition

Did anyone else feel like this weekend was a long pause after all the stuff we’ve been going through with the Saab sale?
It’s like we’d all been holding our collective breath for so long, and finally we had a chance to exhale again.
Stay tuned as I’m chasing a couple of important interviews right now.
Questions have already been sent off for one and I’m trying to line up an appointment with the other.
A brief update on the Swedish media from ctm: claims the K-Saab deal was handed over to judge Robert Gerber in New York on Friday, who seems to be the judge supervising the GM Chapter 11. Decision by him early next week, which kind of syncs with remarks by Swedish Government officials late last night about a deal being done very soon and probably announced next week. have talked to “auto experts” that claim that Saab will change their brand name to Saab-Koenigsegg… Yeezz…

Spotted by 1985Gripen on a photo gallery website:
There’s a fantastic piece on Top Gear’s James May in the Mail on Sunday.
A must-read for TG fans.
Note to all:
Check your coolant and if need be, flush your cooling system.
I flushed the system in the MX-5 yesterday and I swear it mustn’t have been done in about 5 years prior to that. The water was brown!
The car ran too hot when I drove it home from Melbourne last weekend, but a good flush and a run over Grasstree Hill this afternoon showed that it’s now running as sweet as a nut!
What you’ve seen going on here, on the front page of this site, is only about half of what’s been going on in the background.
In a frenzied time like this, you need some cool heads around you to keep you from boiling over and there’s been a few times where I’ve almost boiled over, even in the last week. I guess that’s why companies have a Board of Directors.
I don’t have such a board here, but I do want to acknowledge and thank Kroum, PT and Turbin for being the cool heads in a crisis this week.
If you only knew……

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