Sunday night snippets – MX5 in my garage edition

So………I probably overpaid for the MX-5 – a little.
I gave it a pretty thorough test drive a few weeks ago, but not long enough to get it to tell me what it told me today. As it turns out, the clutch gets a bit jiggery in first and reverse when the car is warmed up, so I might have to shell out for that quite soon.
It also ran a little hotter than expected. I got off the boat this morning and hit 110 on the highway, which is the posted speed limit here, and it nearly overheated. I slowed down to 80 to cruise to the next town, topped up the water and eventually the car was able to run at a temp that made me comfortable at 100.
The radiator fan is cutting in OK, so I’m going to put a new thermostat in tomorrow, flush the cooling system and take it for another spin.
I’m not unhappy or disappointed. Not at all. I’ll call that overpayment the price I had to pay to secure the only “smurf blue” one for sale in decent shape, with a hard-top and in a convenient location.
It’s been great fun already and will be a blast to play with. Hopefully I’ll get some better photos tomorrow, too.
As yet, I haven’t grown a snout.
I’m still eating like a pig, though.
So what do you think is the particular project being undertaken here?
The answer is after the jump……

It’s a scissor doors installation!!
More photos can be viewed here and our mate Saabrobz has a Flickr collection of Modified Saabs here.
Anyone else think this whole bankruptcy thing, and the job of selling it to the US public, is weighing heavy on GM’s marketing maven, Mark La Neve?
Actually, put some sunnies on him and a wicked smile and it’s Jack Nicholson. I can almost see him taking an axe to Fritz Henderson’s door in the next month – “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”
Congratulations to our other mate, Golfhunter, in getting his beautiful Saab 99 on the front cover of the recent Saab Club Netherlands magazine.
Tartine NL.jpg
You can read more about this here.
And you can read more about this (in French) here.
Was the HUMMER announcement a little premature?
Or, like the Opel announcement, was it just some smoke and mirrors stuff to make it look like something’s going on at GM.
Hopefully the same doesn’t happen when they finally announce Saab’s buyer.

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