Sunday Snippets: TV, Flickr and a Canadian quirkfest.

I’ll bookend this post with images from Flickr.
First up, it’s a different kind of Saab, a 340 passenger aircraft pictured over Tucson. Not a real image of course, but a screencap from a flight simulator. I know there’s a few flight-sim fans here, so enjoy….
As covered in a previous post, it’s Midsommar in Sweden this weekend, which means the Swedes gather in number to eat, drink and be merry.
Here’s the carpark at one such gathering, with thank to Jorgen.
I think next year I might see how many pictures we can get of Saabs with maypoles.
Canada has a bit of a wacky-weed problem in various areas, most notably the offices of internet publishers Carguideweb.

When Saab went to Dutch supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, surprise was definitely the emotion of the day.

I’m sure the most surprised people were Koenigsegg themselves, learning that they’re Dutch rather than Swedish.
The wacky-weed has also led to an obsession with the (most hated) word ‘quirky’ and its derivatives:

With a production run of just a few cars a year, the quirky supercar maker seemed ill-equipped for the acquisition of a large-volume worldwide sedan manufacturer, but once the dust had settled, it seemed to make more sense.
Once known as a quirky manufacturer themselves, Saab has been in need of a serious quirk infusion since their complete pacification at the hands of General Motors.

…and this one, from

Just when we were all getting a trifle bored of hearing about the various financial woes of GM and Chrysler on a daily basis, here comes the best news I’ve heard all Financial Crisis. Nutbar supercar-maker Koenigsegg has purchased niche-player Saab, and plans to move manufacturing back to Sweden.
No more horrible GM badge-engineered nonsense. No ridiculous Chevy Trailblazer with a key between the seats. Nothing but sweet, sweet Swedish quirkiness.
Koenigsegg, for those of you who don’t know, currently builds Swedish meatballs like the 800 horsepower CCX. Saab, for those of you who are already too painfully aware, builds blandness like the 9-7X SUV: a vehicle with all the personality of an Ikea hotdog.
Saab executives were so excited about the change of ownership, when asked for comment, all they could say was, “Bork bork bork!”

Obviously I jest about the wacky-weed. These are pretty good quick reports, even if they do manage to quirk it up more than would be to my liking.
Businessweek have a great background story on Koenigsegg and their acquisition of Saab.
EduSaab was kind enough to shoot through a link to Euronews, where there’s an 8-minute video news report on Saab and the Swedish motoring situation.
Time well spent!
And finally, the rear bookend from Flickr.
Some great Saabs and other classic cars in action here.

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