Support a Saab blogger – May 09

I haven’t done a ‘support’ post for a while, now, but I figure one every now and then isn’t going to be too much of an impost.
There were 154 entries written here at Saabs United during May 2009. We had all sorts of news going on, but the biggest story was – of course – the sale process for Saab.
Saabs United was able to break to biggest stories and bring you the most accurate information on the process, with all three bidders identified and reviewed in quick time. It’s been a mega-exciting month and June promises much of the same.
There’s a potential returning bidder to the process, and we may even get a name for the new owner once the dust settles. Saab started by showing their first car in June, 62 years ago. It seems like a good month for their re-birth, don’t you think?
If you’ve found the content here at SU to be valuable over the last few months, please consider throwing some change into the hat. Funds received will keep things ticking along with the server costs, etc, and the leftovers can keep me in chocolate biscuits for the next little while.
The suggested donation is $5. You don’t need a Paypal account, just a valid credit card will get it done. Paypal is a secure payment method and I don’t see any card details at all.

Thanks for visiting and making the publication of this site so much fun.

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