Swedes – get Dagens Industri today!

An email I received from Bengt P:
There is an article about SAAB in the paper version of the Swedish business news paper Dagens industri (http://di.se/) I havent seen it in the web version yet.
It is written by a very well known Swedish journalist named Håkan Matson who has visited Trollhättan and met with Eric Geers, Magnus Hansson, Mats Fägerhag an Kjell ac Bergström. He was invited in to the “Secret room” in the SAAB museum where he where allowed to see the new 9-5 Sedan and Combi and the 9-4X. It was the first 9-5 from production that was shown and it was so new that none of the SAAB people above nor Jan-Åke Jonsson had seen it before.
Eric Geers commented that the launch of the new 9-5 at Frankfurt Motor show will be at lunch time, September 15th.
There is a picture from the “Secret room” showing 9-5 Sedan and Combi covered with very thin blankets where you can see that the front of the 9/5 will keep the “Dame Edna” glasses in the front. You can also see shape of the back part of the combi.
Any scans or further details would be welcome……
And set your calendars for Sept 15th.
Thanks Bengt!

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