Swine flu vacation…..?

Tomorrow I head off to Australia’s swine flu capital, Melbourne, to pick up my new weekend fun car.
This is it:
I called ahead and apparently my sister has influenza, though they’re not sure if it’s the kind where you grow a snout or not. Seeing I’ll be spending the afternoon there, I think there’s a reasonable chance I’ll come away with something. If not, I’m sure the overnight ferry back to Tassie with several thousand other visitors to/from Melbourne will take care of things.
They’re pretty relaxed about swine flu in Melbourne as it’s going around everywhere. Here in Tassie, though, there’s very few cases so if I come back and even think about sneezing or coughing, I’ll most likely be quarantined for a week.
That should give me plenty of time to clean up the roadster, maybe the Monte as well. I also see a Godfather trilogy in my near future…….

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