The Saab-SU group hug

Just in case you missed this entry a few days ago, James wrote a heartfelt open letter to the people of Trollhattan – the people who make the cars that we all love and enjoy.

Throughout all the GM years, through all the bad press about Saab being GM’s “Swedish loss-making car unit” you went to work at the Saab factory and did your best. YOU, the factory worker, the engine builder, the dash assembler, engineer… still desired to design and produce fun to drive, safe and reliable cars…..
….In closing allow me to say “Thank you” for building a safe, fun to drive car to haul myself, my wife and our three Shetland Sheepdogs in, we very much enjoy each and every flight!
Very soon the black clouds will disappear and a brighter day will shine on Trollhattan and Saab!
Best of luck to my new friends in Trollhattan!

A lot of readers echoed James’ sentiments and I was pleased to publish them as they reflect my own feelings toward the people and the city of Trollhattan. I’ve been there, toured the city, the factory and met a number of the people – and I love the place.
What I wanted to share here in case people missed it the response from a couple of Saab people who read the letter.
Lundin went to the trouble of printing it and posting it at the Saab factory:
dsc02446rrk.jpg That’s it to the right of the 9-3 poster.
These words accompanied the posting:

Thanks for you kind words. Today you contributed to a brighter future for Saab and made the difference for some workers here in Trollhättan.

And then there were these comments, from Emil:

Thank you James. I’m one of the engineers at the Trollhättan plant, each day wondering as I take off from home whether the radio news will announce a new owner. Rest assured that the current turmoil isn’t getting to us though. Bucketloads of cool things are emanating from our workstations each day, and although production is low at the moment, even larger loads of shiny, new Saabs are coming off the line on the other side of the road.
Thanks for your kind words and thanks to those other commenters too, it’s always nice to know what you do is appreciated.

Does anyone know of another car company where this sort of thing happens? Maybe some of the small producers have the ability to be in touch and share some sentiments between customers and workers.
I just feel it’s part of the special atmosphere that surrounds Saab cars and the very real relationships that people share with them.
Group hug, everyone. Group hug.

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