The sounds of K-Saab love

Is K-Saab an alright nickname for this new entity?
Or should it be KoenigSaab? K-Saab’s a lot easier for a blogger to write 🙂
A few things that have crossed my desk today:
In comments, from Loma:

May sound stupid, but I had a terrific grin this morning when I saw my 2006 9-5 Vector Sport 2,2 TiD Estate on the driveway. I opened the door, noticed the sportseats, the beauty full carbon trim on the dash and gear stick. Drove off, enjoying all the torque in that second gear. All felt so right now, it all made sense.
Arrived at the office, looked back one more time at the beautifull lines and curves of this car, the amazing aero front bumper..A colleague asked what I was so happy about today. “You’ll see, you’ll see..”, I answered him with a little smile….
I bet a lot of us got that self-esteem boost today about our beloved cars, as stupid it may sound.
Ahhh marketing can be so strong!

From Terry, via email:

I have just texted Giles at Abbott with an order for a new car. I don’t care what shape or colour just so long as it is a saab designed by KS!

From TTAero, via email:

Hi, just dropping you this to tell you what this really means to me and SAAB..
My wife just told me that we must put some money together if this is true.
So, we need to replace the now 1 year old TTiDAero with the long awaited XWD diesel 9-5 of some sort….
I’ll drink to that!

From Brecht, via email:

And via a link from Dippen in comments:

Young love.
Ain’t it grand?

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