This week for Saab

And you thought with the Koenigsegg news that this might be a quiet week…….
The head man in charge of Government Motors, who goes by the name of Garber or Gerber or Gibberer or something…….he’s the guy who has to OK the Saab sale. He’ll come back to work on Monday, hopefully in a good mood and like most things GM when it comes to Saab, he’ll show a fair bit of neglect by rubber-stamping the paperwork in quick time.
A statement could be forthcoming any time after his morning coffee.
If there’s no announcement or press release on Monday, Fritz Henderson is scheduled to make some announcements in a press pow-wow on Tuesday.
After the normal style press conference, he’s going to get hip with the e-generation, put on some leg-warmers and get tweetin with a Twitter chat session. Money well spent, that.
Saab’s next court date is Wednesday, when the judge in Vanersborg is expected to rule on something or other (I’m diligent this evening, yes?)
The important thing about this date is that Saab had to get 75% approval from creditors to approve their debt write-down in order to continue on track with their reconstruction proceedings.
They’ve already got 80%-plus in approvals, so this court date should be another formality.
As far as I know, we can all have a rest on Thursday, unless you’re one of the US dealers who’s got a deadline on……
On Friday last week, US Saab dealers received a Fed-Ex envelope from GM with an agreement to sign. That agreement gives permission for GM to transfer them over to the new Saab ownership structure. It also severs a number of GM obligations to them so it’s a big deal.
That agreement has to be signed and returned by Friday of this week.
Thanks to various contributors for some of those reminders…….
And whilst I’m thinking about it…..
It’s good to see some concerned-type headlines at Automotive News Europe today. “The Fight To Save Saab” is a notable addition to the normal headline.
People CARE about this company. I’ve never seen ANE show a shred of concern for Saab in the past, but it just goes to show that people really do have a genuine affection for the little Swede.
And elsewhere, Automotive News’ Managing Editor, Keith Crain, has an editorial on the whole automotive crisis thing and mentions Saab in it:

Saab dealers and employees can only sit and wait. There will be a new owner, hopefully with good ideas for the company. It’s too bad the late Bob Sinclair isn’t around. He would have known what to do to make Saab a viable and valuable brand.

Darn right. The late Bob Sinclair oversaw two exceptional models during his tenure at Saab – the convertible and the SPG (or Aero).
Right now, Bob would be planning a new kickass version for every model in the range, and the perfect way to market it, too.
Thinking of you, old friend.

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