Thursday Snippets – ‘all the other stuff’ edition

It looks like someone’s making a pilgrimage back home.
Great stuff.
An important note about Renco, one of the companies in the running to take over Saab:
They had an agreement and a responsibility to install three cleaning plants at their smelter in La Oroya, Peru (one of the most polluted cities in the world, due to the operations of Renco’s Doe Run Peru smelter operation).
They have failed to install the third cleaning plant and citing low prices for lead, their banks have frozen their credit line and bank accounts. Suppliers came to their aid, offering a line of credit if they met certain conditions, but Renco has stalled on meeting these too, and the smelter has just closed its doors (read the full story here).
The result – the plant has not be cleaned up as agreed, employees and their families have been left without jobs, and suppliers (up to 30 of them) are out of pocket by up to as much as $1billion in sales.
Saab have a chance to decide they don’t want to get mixed up with this guy. I say they take it.
I did something very cleansing today. I took The Truth About Cars off my RSS reader.
I haven’t read a thing there that I’d want to reference here in about 6 months and now that GM have actually entered bankruptcy proceedings, Farago has moved from strangely obsessed to totally maniacal. To use his owns words – Robert Farago is insane.
This is one car crash I’ve had more than enough of.
I pick up my MX-5 from Melbourne in two days from now.
Melbourne (and the state of Victoria in general) is now considered the Swine Flu capital of Australia, with various state governments ordering families with kids to keep those kids at home for a week if they’ve visited Melbourne.
I’ll keep you posted. You have to wear a mask whilst reading this site next week. Thankfully, I’ll only be there for around 8 hours, though the boat trip coming back could be more threatening than a day with my family (who as far as I know, haven’t grown snouts yet).
The F-series and Chevy Silverado are still the #1 and #2 vehicles in the US market. The Saab 9-4x isn’t going to be a work truck, of course, but there’s still an appetite for a quality larger vehicle in that market.
Good video: Jon Stewart on the GM Bankruptcy and again with one of my favourite US writers – PJ O’Rourke.
The US senate is close to a vote on a cash-for-clunkers scheme.
Will that inspire any of you to hit Craigslist, pick up a clunker and use it to score some more money off another purchase?
I don’t know the conditions here, so maybe it’d be useless for a Saab purchase anyway (does it work in conjunction with existing rebates, etc?)
Is this excessive?
The 9-X Air is my favourite modern Saab concept aside from the Aero X.
But really, would you want the dash curling around like this? Do you want to be looking down to the left of your forearm to find……..anything?

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