TTELA on Koenigsegg buying Saab

This is a particularly important article as far as I’m concerned. TTELA is Trollhattan’s local newspaper and Magnus Nordberg has done an incredible job covering this story right from day 1.
Being Trollhattan’s local paper, this is a heartfelt affair for Magnus as it is for the whole city – and you can read the relief right there on the page (even through an internet translator)
It will be Koenigsegg, which takes over Saab!
But the relevant question now is not how the little Koenigsegg company will be ready to drive Saab. The relevant question is what wealthy people are behind the bid.
But before we give ourselves to the discussion we need to stop and reflect on the following:
Saab has found a new owner. Saab has actually found a new owner. And the middle of the worst financial crisis. Remember how we thought is it possible? only four months ago.
Since it is naturally a bit of an anti-climax to the information we have been waiting for so long in the form of a leak (and yes, we assume that SVT’s mission true) that no one can comment.
Saab can not do that, so long as GM confirmed task.
Koenigsegg is prevented for the same reasons.
And GM, which since June 1 has U.S. government as the principal owner, must probably await the green light from above, before the news can come out.
Perhaps the official confirmation of the day. It is determined in the U.S.. And what in that case, is just a confirmation that a Memorandum of Understanding (a kind of intent) signed with the Koenigsegg.
The details we will wait for another time.
It is somewhat unfortunate for Saab, as it will immediately create speculation that small Koenigsegg does not have the strength to be a good owner.
But it says it almost itself: It is not, of course, Koenigsegg, which in the strict sense will buy Saab. Koenigsegg has sales of just over 100 million and it appears as in its own absurdity that a company like that could buy Saab.
Christian von Koenigsegg and his company is just an (attractive) figure in this affair. The interesting question – yes, the crucial question – is what/who is the consortium or a wealthy man that is hiding behind them.
There are many who have doubted Koenigsegg’s financial strength. But it should be clear that they defeated the two (U.S. Renco and Merbanco), financial terms, is extremely strong competitors in the final.
It is reasonable to mean that Koenigsegg has a much better financial backing than many of us thought. Den norske, empire, entrepreneur Bård Eker is the principal owner of Koenigsegg, but neither he enough in this context. So what are the other funders? It may not only is Norwegian and Swedish capital behind the bid.
Until we know more about it, it is impossible to judge the new Saab owner.
Fast, a conclusion we can come up with right now. On the Koenigsegg is a dream solution from a brand perspective.
Koenigsegg is Swedish, manufactures sports cars and has its manufacturing facility in an old aviation hangar outside Ängelholm.
What do Saab associated with? Well, that is Swedish, manufactures körglada and sporty (and safe) cars, and that has its roots in aviation.
So Saab’s marketing department need not wait for more facts about the new owner.
They have already won the TOP LOTTERY PRIZE.

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