Turbo Xs for sale! Germany and Australia

After hooking up Mark O with a Turbo X in the north-east United States recently, I thought it might be good to advise where the other Turbo X’s are for sale.
It’s somewhat disappointing and little bit silly that there are still a quantity of these cars available. I know several people who have bought one and are absolutely loving it. Maybe it’s Saab’s decision to build some with auto transmissions that’s part of the issue?
Anyway – here are some Turbo X’s that are still available and I imagine you’ll get a very very good deal if you’re interested in one.
Site sponsors, Mobil Forum in Dresden are refusing to acknowledge the worldwide recession, preferring instead to remain positive and stock their yards.
As you might know, 2009 is the last model year that the Saab 9-3 will have a V6 engine available. In 2010 the Saab 9-3 will be 4-cylinder only as the Saab 9-5 comes online with a V6 option.
MobilForum have snapped up some of the last V6 models to be produced and they have these 2009 models, as well as several Turbo X’s now in stock.
If you’re keen on a V6 Saab 9-3 and you’re in Germany, then this year is the last chance you’ll get to pick one up new.
And the chance to grab a still-new Turbo X should be considered as well.
If you’re interested, please contact Andre or any of the other guys at Mobil Forum Dresden.
Heartland Saab in Sydney have just one Turbo X left.
It was only registered in March 09 and it’s only got 243 kilometers on the clock. It’s essentially brand new and comes with 19 inch wheels, auto transmission and a sunroof.
These retailed for $105,000 last year. Heartland will include all transfer fees and send it out the door for $79,000
Turbo X 001.jpg
If you’re interested in this Turbo X sedan, then call Kurt at Heartland Saab on (02) 9685 8423. Tell him Swade sent you.

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