Why GM want to sell Saab…..properly

On one hand, you have the sale of a brand like Hummer, which attracts little interest because the vehicles contain no desireable elements and it gets sold to some corner-store outfit that no-one can trace.
On the other hand, you have the sale of Saab, which whilst it’s making us all crazy with the time it’s taking, is progressing slowly because there IS genuine interest from some serious players.

And here’s one reason why, and it’s also written about as a reason why Saab people are patient and optimistic about a sale being done the right way.

This story appears in Ny-Teknik, the Swedish publication for tech types. My thanks to Olav and Thomas, who both sent in links for this one.

Here’s the Googletrans:

Hybrid technology – Saab’s trump card
GM is now going in a controlled bankruptcy is no threat to the Saab or the sale of Saab. The reason is that GM must have technology from Saab in the future.

Hybrid technology and security expertise is Saab’s trump card in the final negotiations with GM and a new owner. This makes the Saab people do not feel concerned even when the GM is now going in a controlled bankruptcy.

– If GM will live on after a reorganization is dependent on technology from Saab, Saab spokeswoman says Gunilla Gustafs.

GM may therefore be a series of agreements on future cooperation and development in exchange for, among other waiver Saab debts of several billion for a sale.

– It’s about safety and especially on hybrid technology of various kinds from Saab that GM has in their product plans. Saab has really skilled technicians who have developed special skills that are of interest to GM in the future, “says Gunilla Gustafs.

Saab engineers have, inter alia, had principal responsibility for development of hybrid technology in Europe, and helped with a range of technologies including GMS American hybrids.

It is these agreements, together with the fact that GM actually want to get rid of Saab, which will in Trollhättan looks pretty cool on what is currently happening in Washington.

A prerequisite for the Saab will be able to comply with its reorganization plan is that GM canceled the debts of ten billion. In addition, GM supply Saab with the tools to manufacture the new 9-5 in Sweden.

– In theory, in a “worst case”, would GM, or a bankruptcy trustee be able to say that the promises do not apply anymore. But neither we nor the companies are speculators on Saab has received no indications that it may happen, “says Gunilla Gustafs.

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