You make the news – GM Bankruptcy and Saab response

GM have filed for bankruptcy and in around an hour and a half from me writing this, President Obama and Fritz Henderson (the new and old chiefs of GM, respectively, I guess) are going to address the media about the situation.
I’m not sure how this is going to play out for Saab, but this initial comment from ‘Max’ isn’t encouraging:

Bumpy has already started here in the US. They just announced no warranty payments to US Saab dealers….. Way to go GM…. how typical of why GM is where GM is…

My perspective: no need to panic.
Saab are confident that their way through this is clear, though obviously there’s going to be some pain before things get right.
Surely there’s going to be some murkiness and confusion in the information before it becomes clear how Saab will be effected.
I expect that Saab will issue a statement of their own after Fritz Henderson’s speech. If you good people could keep an eye out for that and update each other in comments, that would be appreciated. It’s 12.30am here in Oz and I’ve got little left in the tank.
UPDATE (1.23am) – a video from Jan-Ake Jonsson has now been posted here at SU and at the Saab Newsroom. I’m not sure if this is the final word from Saab today or not, so you may still want to keep an eye out for any other releases after the Obama/Henderson show.
SaabKen has posted a Saab ownership poll over at Saab Central.
Predictable (and satisfying) results. Get on over and cast your vote.

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