You make the news – K-Saab release edition

Last night, after following this Saab-sale-story in great detail for almost a full four months, I missed out on the breaking news by just 13 lousy minutes. The light went off at 12.55am and the first email about Koenigsegg came in at 1.08am.
As I didn’t have an entry set aside for it, the comments threads were all over the place.
Not so today.
There is an outside chance that a release may come out from Saab/GM making all the news stories of the last 24 hours official. I’m off to catch some Z’s now, but if that release is forthcoming, please keep yourselves up to date here.
Any other breaking stories are welcome, too.
I’d also like to express my gratitude to everyone for posting all the events that you did last night.
I was out of action but this site isn’t about me, it’s about the Saab community that hangs out here and once again, you proved that you are a class act.
I woke up to 176 emails in my regular inbox (the one that received comments notifications) and a further 25 or so to my Gmail account, telling me of the news and telling me to wake up 🙂
So thanks to everyone for all of your hard work. You’ve actually written more of the content at this site than what I have in the last 48 hours.
Champions, every one of you.
I’ll leave with another K-Saab image, sent in by Andreas.
Let it be…..

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