2010 Saab 9-5 Snippets

You’ve probably already seen these from the links in comments (damn sleep!!) but Swedish mag Vibilgares has published some great studio hi-res shots of the Saab 9-5.
These are massive and I fully expect them to be wallpapering computer screens around the world in quick time.
There are six in total, including the front lights and interior all lit up. Here’s my favourite of the morning.
Why is this my favourite?
There’s a lot of subtle styling cues in this car. This view seems to show – to me at least – a respectful nod to the rear window and boot lid of the Saab 99 (OK, mostly the bootlid, and it’s more obvious in another shot, but I like this angle. Sue me).
A note I received about the speedo-within-a-speedo.

… its moving while you are driving. It shows the speed. For the first 30 seconds it looked kind of “different”, but then I got used to it and at the end of the day I really loved it. You get a absolutely instant reading of speed, with a supershort glance.
Otherwise you have to find the needle and follow it to the numbers and … yes, its in the middle of 60 and 40 and that means that I am driving at correct speed, somewhere close to 50 km/h. Takes two seconds. The new “speedo” takes 0,1 second to read and understand.

A great comment from Ralf22 that got plenty of “+1” activity the other day (btw, not a fan of the +1 thing, but whatever works for ya……)

Let’s take a look back in history:
– Not many SAAB-fans greeted the 9000 as a “real” SAAB (and was’nt it this project with Fiat and …). Over the Years the look improved and the last series was a nice car. But never will it be a DESIGN-ICON like the original 900!
– And I remember, back in 1993, my girlfriend of that time nearly cried every day, “why don’t you buy a BMW, this SAAB 900 is SO UGLY!” Many people had absolutely no feeling for this car – but I loved it. This crazy, absolutely stunning, really cool design.
– Yes, the group of enthusiasts was too small, then SAAB needet GM for backing. I was very dissapointed of the 1994 model (quality and design).
– Then came the 9-5 in 1997, and when I bought one in 1998 the neighbours son said: “what a nice OPEL you drive” … Later I had the first 9-5 AERO and it was great fun driving this car. The design had kind of “charme” but was this really GREAT CAR-DESIGN? Not a real “classic”, I think. (But good enough for me.)
– Today, I think my actual 9-3 Hirsch Sport-Combi feels very “saabish” and I like it.
– SAABs design concepts 9-3X, AEORO X, … have the feeling of great design icons. They are real STATEMENTS OF ART.
– NOW, SAAB enthusiasts: WHAT DO YOU WANT? It’s a real wonder, that SAAB isn’t absolutely DEAD yet! The GM-people had NO feeling for the great potential of this brand.
– I think there is a chance, that the Koenigsegg-SAAB-future is yet the best to come. When they meet the point, wow! SAAB could become the coolest little brand of all! (But please: not TOO small …)
– Now I look once and again at those pics of the new 2010 SAAB 9-5. The AUTOZEITUNG-pics are really bad car-photography, the AUTOBILD-images are much better. You have to see it in real, to get a feeling for this car. Even the original 9-3 Sport-Combi looks a little “plump” from some angles on pictures. BUT (as a designer myself), I know: this new car has the potential to become a design-icon. It follows it’s own rules. It is a statement of timeless elegance and dynamic power. It stands on it’s own. Such an improvement to the actual 9-5 (the re-design was a nice try, but never fitted really …).
– SAAB-enthusiasts, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Did you ever hear of LOYALTY? SAAB will NOT live whithout you!
– I say it again: MY NEXT CAR – A SAAB! Let’s help SAAB into a great future … give them the chance, to create those stunning SAAB-Koenigsegg-cars!

I suppose the correct response from me would be “+1”

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