A couple of absolutely amazing, stunning photo collections

I’ve received a couple of links in the past week that I just had to pass on to you to enjoy. Both are sort-of Saab related and looking over both will kill at least 20 minutes of your work day.
Koenigsegg photoshoot
The guys at CarAdvice.com.au recently did what amounts to a world supercar tour and they stopped in at Angelholm along the way.
A photo collection from that pitstop has been posted over at Oz Car Sightings and it features some stunning work. I’ve reproduced one smaller shot here, but the original images at the link are 1000+ pixels and the detail in the carbon fibre is amazing.
Koenigsegg CCX (1).jpg
Click the images to enlarge.
Thos are nice…but the following collection just blew me away.
Trollhattan Tuesday Night Car Show
This is a bit of a tradition in Trollhattan, as I understand things.
Back in 2007, I was fortunate enough to see the first show of the summer (thought it was on a Wednesday back then). It was June then and whilst the gathering was quite inspiring, it was nothing even close to this one.
This collection has been posted at the Finalgear forum and it’s HUGE.
Warning – if you’ve got a slow connection, don’t bother. This took a full 5 minutes to load on my medium-speed broadband, but it was worth it.
There’s a massive and diverse collection of cars here. Swedish, Italian and in true ragare style, there’s plenty of American vintage metal as well.
Here’s a few choice morsels from this photographic feast.

My thanks to Taylor and Magnus for the links!!

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