Academic survey – show your Saab passion!

Back in June I brought you the latest results from an academic study being undertaken in Germany:

Dr Hosseip and a team of students set out on an ambitious mission to study the level of attachment that various people have to particular brands of cars. Their study involved over 1 million people and was focused on a German automotive forum called Motor Talk….

The good news from the results tabled at that time is that Saab fans were shown, for three years running, to be the most passionate automotive group out of all those million-plus users surveyed.
At that time, the survey itself was only available in German.
I’ve recently received notice that the English language version is now available for people to complete.
This is not a quick affair, with 142 statements you need to review and respond to. If you have the time, though, I’m happy to invite your participation.
UPDATE – I just did it in around 20 minutes. There is some personal profile stuff at the beginning and then it’s straight into the Questions. It’s an enjoyable survey and I’m looking forward to receiving responses once enough respondents complete it.
Please consider lending a helping hand in sustaining the belief that we Saab nuts are still the most passionate and committed car fans on the planet.

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