AMS: Saab fans and executives on the future of Saab

As posted earlier, today’s issue of Auto Motor and Sport magazine in Sweden has a large feature on Saab.
They sought input from readers and received over 1,400 comments, which they then presented to Saab executives whilst in Trollhattan for a photo shoot of the Saab 9-5.
The article is print only, but Gunteman has been kind enough to provide some dot points from it, in English.
Thanks Gunteman – you are a champ!
Editorial: “Saab is the the meaning of life. But everything Saab stands for is.”
-1427 readers answered the AMS survey about what the Saab of the future should be
-Saab’s and CvK’s responses were: WOW!
-Magnus Hansson (MH), Manager Product Marketing: “It’s clear we’re aiming in the right direction”
-MH: “People don’t like the connection to GM, but that’s partly unfair. Without GM there would be no Saab today.”
-Mats Fägerhag (MF), Executive Director Vehicle Systems etc..: “Koenigsegg’s people are good listeners”
-Simon Padian (SP), Brand Design Chief: “We’re looking at Apple’s user interfaces..”
-The readers agree that the turbo engine is the main core value
-Saab are very actively looking into electric engines, hybrids etc.. The slogan “Responsible performance” is at the core.
-MH: “There will be turbos at the bottom, with smaller engines but more types of fuel. Electrification at the top” (comment: the meaning of “top” and “bottom” was a bit unclear)
-MF: “The investors have big plans, and they would commit to this just for fun.”
-MF: “Electric engines are more important than the readers think”
-Readers: “Please build cars with rear wheel drive!”
-Readers: “The aircraft heritage must live on”
-Readers: “Return to the airplane logotype. Skip the bird with the burning throat”
-Saab: 9-3 is the most important model
-Rumour: Saab has contacted Mini in England about cooperation around a new small model (9-1)
-Readers: “A new Sonett type sports car is important”
-MH: “SUVs, MPVs and 9-9 are out of the question.”
-SP: “The growing of the wheels on cars must stop.”
-Saab will likely continue cooperation with GM
-Readers: “The concept cars look great, but you can be even bolder and more daring!”
-MH: “Today we don’t deserve a high price level, but our goal is to be at Audi’s level or higher”
Also, the concept drawings in the article are absolutely gorgeous and spot on (not least a small city car). I believe they were all made by AMS’s own Radovan Varicak.
Saab 9-1 sketch

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