Aussie Cabrio Challenge – November 2009

Here’s an event that’s not for the faint-hearted.
I’m unsure as to who the organisers are, but they seem to be a pack of wind-in-the-hair maniacs who like to take convertibles to strange foreign lands and put them through some punishing drives.
They’ve already done “Norcape” – a trip from Oslo to Stockholm via the Arctic Circle. And “LatAm” – which was South America from top to bottom, travelling as many as 900km a day through Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina. Another epic was “Eurasia”, which took drivers from Amsterdam to Singapore.
Home_route smaller.jpg
Now they’re doing “Aussie”, which will go from Sydney to Sydney via the Whitsundays, the Northern Territory (including Uluru), South Australia, Victoria and back to Sydney.
And this is a cabrio challenge, so all entries must be convertibles.
And those convertibles will be travelling along plenty of outback roads, unpaved but hopefully with a spattering of fuel outlets along the way. They’ll also be travelling to the Northern Territory in the wet season (Darwin, the NT capital, only has two seasons: the dry season and the wet season. Temperatures all year range from 30 – 33 degrees C).
This is not a trip I’d like to take in my MX-5, that’s for sure. But the entries so far show no MX-5s in the lineup, just a small group of German convertibles and one Saab 9-3 Aero convertible.
Maybe some of you Aussie Saabisti would like to add some Swedishness (phrase copyright, General Motors) to the group by seeing some more of your own backyard?
If so, the website for the trip is here.
And for you foreigners wealthy enough to consider coming here for a month, tripping around our uninhabited areas with the dust wind in your hair, here’s a little song from the Australian tourism officials – Come to Australia (You might accidentally get killed)
Thanks to Jörgen!!

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