Autozeitung claim new, real images of 2010 Saab 9-5

The images are back.
Autobild have taken the release to a whole new level, so there’s little point in keeping them offsite now.
German publication Autozeitung has published these images, which they claim to be real, genuine images from Saab, of the 2010 Saab 9-5.
They appear in the latest edition of their print magazine. They don’t seem to be appearing online, despite showing on the online cover. I believe the embargo date for images was late August with the first live showing to be at Frankfurt in September. This would suggest that Autozeitung are not supposed to be publishing these yet, so there’s going to be some trouble over these.
I’ve received some scanned copies of the images. The scans aren’t very good quality but they’re good enough to look at for the moment. I’ve emailed Saab copies of these and tried to call Eric Geers personally, but couldn’t get through.
Hving addressed all the worry about the politics of these coming out – let me say this: HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!!!!
D has provided a summary translation of the article:
Length is 5008 millimeters, wheelbase is 2837 mm (nothing new I think), luggage space 513 litres;
A new storage system for the luggage (something similar to the original system of the first 9-5 Sportkombis, or the current Opel Flex-storage system) and foldable rear seats;
3 equipment levels, Linear, Vector and Aero, the last two showing visible exhausts;
Positioning of the car as chauffeurs-limousine on the Chinese market, projectmanager Michael Harrison said;
Technical news are a head-up-display, adaptive light systems, actives suspension with active/intelligent/sport-setup – as standard or option, automatic road-sign detection (known here from the little brother Insignia as Opel-eye, which is delayed here afaik), and something (I would translate as) like lane-departure-warning;
Engines: 1.6t (190), 2.0t (220), 2.8t V6(300), 2.0TiD/TTiD(160/190), the two strongest petrol engines with AWD-option, the 2.0t with option for E 85;
No pricing yet announced, but below a comparable A6; SportCombi one!!! (oh my god) year later; sales beginning for the limousine/sedan in April 2010!
The author’s personal comments are as follows:
The intention of the new big Saab to belong to the ,,Oberklasse (something like Premium etc.) becomes clear in the interior of the car. Materials are nice to touch, the finish is clean (which has to mean something like accurate), the design is said to be modern and pleasant (in terms of not aggressive, as I understand it the german word he uses is ,,zurückhaltend ). The interior space is described as spacious big rear leg room, even though the roofline is falling and reduces headroom in the rear a little bit. The ignition key between the seats is replaced by a start-stop-button.
Exterior design is clear or clean, a clear formal separation (or difference) to the Insignia, the front is something like powerfull , the roofline falls straight/constantly, the long rear creates a lightness in the proportions of the car, because bumpers and the rear lights are positioned very high. The rear view mirrors have integrated indicators.
And D has provided his own thoughts to start discussion…….
My thoughts:
On the pics the dashboard looks very much like the Hirsch carbon trim of the current model, but completely different; the seats appear to be very similar to the really brilliant (that s my opinion from a short sit-in) optional AGR-seats of the Insignia with heating and ventilation. They can be nothing but comfortable. The head-rest differs a little bit and looks saabish. The front seats can be equipped with rear-seat-DVD-entertainment (they look like very well integrated). The instruments are a bit like in Alfas (I mean it s this design of icecream pots; I think you know what I mean). The pointers are gree! The parking brake is no longer mechanical one. (I am really absolutely excited and can hardly concentrate; reading, translating, writing).
By the way, the steering wheel, which received a lot of critics in your blog as I remember, reminds me very much of the Scania R-Series. Which looks great in my eyes and which also has the keys for the cruse control on the steering wheel, which is great I think, so I would say it has Scandinavian design roots (a little bit off topic maybe).
A couple of clearer images:
Note the TTiD4 badge on the back…….and dig those rear lights.

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