Change week – Monte Carlo upgrades coming

Several things are going to change this week, and it’s a good feeling. After plenty of prompting from Richo, I’m changing my ISP here at home and finally moving away from the crown who get more complaints than any other ISP (including some many times their size).
There will potentially be some other changes, too. The website itself might see a few and there will definitely be a change in attitude. After passing on some timeline concerns last night, I received an email from Djup Strupe that provided plenty in the way of reassurance.
I cannot and will not post the content of that email here, but suffice to say – I think the Koenigsegg deal is definitely going to get done and we’ve got a few good years to look forward to. None of you are more impatient than me and we’re going to have to wait a little while, but things are moving in the right direction.
The big hands-on change here at SU central will be (finally) some upgrades to my 1999 Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo.
Since I got it back in January, I’ve done a few cosmetic changes with new wheels and tyres, the carbon fibre interior and one small handling upgrade in the way of the front subframe brace.
Today, I picked up the essential ingredients for the next round of changes. Here’s most of what will be done in photographic form:
Yes, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to replace the black leather interior with cow-print bean bags!!
OK, I haven’t, though I wouldn’t mind a cow-print interior at all.
When I bought the Monte, I knew that the car was in need of new dampers, at least in the front. What I’ve been able to secure is a full set of brand new Viggen dampers and springs to go into the Monte.
Hopefully the springs will lower things just a tad and help the 17-inch wheels I bought a few months ago fill up those wheel arches. The Viggen dampers should be much better than the shot dampers in the car at the moment.
The small parts up the top make up a steering rack clamp and brace. This is the torque-steer saviour originally developed by Abbott Racing in the UK, though this part was made by Parts for Saabs. I can’t justify the Abbott price anymore, especially as they only sell through an Aussie distributor with no wheeler-dealing.
Also pictured is a new ECU and wastegate. I’ve really missed my Viggen since crashing it two years ago and hopefully this ECU will get the 2.0HOT engine in the Monte up to around Viggen numbers.
Here’s a closeup of the ECU:
Yes, it’s a Hirsch!! And I have a little Hirsch badge to go on the car as well 🙂
All going well, my Monte should be quite a different car by this time next week.

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