Comment and sign-in problems

Hi all,
As I alluded to last night, whilst I was doing some back-office maintenance on the site, I unintentionally deleted all registered users here. Fortunately, you were only deleted as registered users of this site and not the entire Movable Type system that powers this site. The good news is that I’ve found that I am able to restore the commenting role to registered users and have begun work to that effect.
This will take a little time, however, as there’s several screens to go through for each user in order to restore this role, and there’s several hundred registered users to get through.
I’m proceeding through them alphabetically at the moment. Users whose usernames begin with the following letters (i.e. the name you login with, not the screen name) are OK to go:

  • Numbers
  • A – B
  • C – F
  • G – I
  • J – L
  • M – Q
  • R
  • S – Z are done now!!
  • We’re all ready to go.

I’ll get to others as soon as possible and will update this screen as I go.
Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. There were some potential security issues with user roles that I had to try and address. Unfortunately I went about addressing the issue the wrong way, which resulted in this error.
Please note that you can still comment, using the regular comment form to complete your details.
It’s not as convenient as the ‘sign in’ link, but it will work.

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