EnG – still alive and kicking

Ladies and Gents: I’ve missed all of you at SaabsUnited (SaabU?) and I’ve particularly missed my C900 ‘vert which is still not running and stuck in my garage. I’ll have a resolution soon, and you’ll be the first to know, natch.
As Swade is aware, my work load and life load have been tremendous. I’m amazed at how unrelenting it’s really been — genuinely. It gives me a HUGE newly found appreciation for Steven Wade, Saab host extraordinare. How he does it is beyond belief, really.
My reason for this quick post: I’ve got a very unusual vehicle for my travels this week, and, taking a page from Andy’s book, I thought that I’d give you all a chance to guess what I’m driving.
1. It is a gas-electric hybrid.
2. It was manufactured by a division that was a part of General Motors at the time of manufacture.
3. It has some of the best seats that I’ve ever encountered on any car. I still like the seats in the 9-5 a bit better, but these are darn good.
That’s it. Those are all of the clues that I’ll give. I’ll check back, probably on Friday or Saturday, to reveal the answer. Until then — Happy Saabing!

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