Executive Car

From that fountain of wisdom that’s never wrong – Wikipedia (I think they’re reasonably correct in this instance).

Executive Car: a British term that refers to a car’s size and is used to describe an automobile larger than a large family car. In official use, the term is adopted by EuroNCAP, a European organization founded to test car safety. The term was coined in the 1960s to describe cars targeted at successful professionals and middle to senior managers, often as a company car but retaining enough performance and comfort to be desirable in their own right.

Maybe you could argue about the size issue in these times, but otherwise, it’s pretty accurate.
One could also assume that an executive car is supposed to convey a certain level of confidence and success, that the driver of such a car is someone who can be relied upon to complete a contract, to do what they say they’ll do.
I don’t necessarily like to hark back to BMW again – the 2nd time this evening – but this is a photo of the recently shown 5-series Gran Tourismo concept vehicle. There are more photos here.
Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to construct a rational argument stating that this could not be rightly considered as an executive car.
Thanks to Eric for the link.

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