Friday Snippets – bad Fiat. BAD!

Fredrick Reinfeldt doesn’t care about saving the ship, only the people on it.
I care about those people having an identity, and about them being saved.
Fredrick Reinfeldt’s government would prefer to see Fiat take over Saab. I’d rather not see that happen, and here’s one very good reason why.
Fiat may be planning on bringing Dodge vehicles to Europe…..branded as Alfa Romeos. As a former Alfa owner and a remaining lover of the Alfa heritage, I can barely think of anything more unpalatable.
It’s looking more and more like GM in a fancy suit. No thanks.
There are more spyshots of the Saab 9-5 out testing this week.
In Colorado:
And somewhere else (Dutch website)
It’s looking good, still.
Can’t come quick enough.
Thanks to various parties for links!
The weekend cometh.
I believe it might be a holiday weekend for you US Saabers, correct?
Anyone got any particular plans of interest? I’m going to get my hands a little dirty playing with the MX5. New interior bits have arrived so I’m going to bling it up a little.
I know it’s low on their priority list, but an MX5-like Sonett would be such a thrill. Simple, tossable and fun.

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