Images from Saab Days and the Midnight Sun rally

Etienne from Belgium, who runs the Saabhuy blog, is currently in Trollhattan for Saab Days and has started depositing photos on to his Flickr account.
Of course, the Midnight Sun rally competitors took a stop in Trollhattan as well last night, so it’s no surprise that his latest photos have a distinct motorsport feel.
There’s more photos at his Flickr account if you’d like to check them out.
And on motorsport, one of our own is actually running his car quite successfully in this Midnight Sun rally. Jörgen T is driving his Saab 96 in the event and actually came second in the regularity section of the rally yesterday!
Here he is with the car….
And the V4 under the hood……
Jörgen with former Saab factory driver Simo Lampinen after a day’s driving.

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