Jörgen’s Midnight Sun rally results

It’s not that often that you have someone you know – well, kind of – involved in something like the Midnight Sun rally. Not for me, at least.
Jörgen T’s been a reader and bakcground contributor of links and leads to both TS and SU for a few years now, so I’m really pleased to be able to share with you the conclusion of his run at the Midnight Sun rally.
Click here to see Jörgen’s previous photos from the event.
After finishing the rally in Karlskoga we had to have some service, we had stopped at a gas station and had the wheel removed. There, we found out that something was loose. We had only one small exhibiton stage left so we drove that one.
As seen in the pictures we had some great help from Historic Rally Racing Service Company and Johan Josefsson (who has that nice service-99 Combi Coupe in the bottom photo) – by the way he was running the show for Anna and Nicolina with the Two stroker in Carrera Panamerica a few years ago! Thanks Johan!
It was more rainy then what the pictures say…. Rally to the Midnight sunn???
We ended up in 6th place in our Regularity with trip meter category. We are more than pleased concidering the extremely stiff competition!

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