Last Saab 9-5 (sedan) to roll off production line today

UPDATE: Of course, the combi continues for another year. This is the last sedan, not the 9-5 in total. Got lost in translation (see comments)
Today’s a significant day for Saab and a farewell from the fans is in order.
TTELA report that today, the final Saab 9-5 will roll off the production line at Trollhattan.
Googletrans with my edits:

….We are in negotiation with Koenigsegg. The speculation is in the media, I do not want to comment, saying Annicka Troedsson.
Despite the disastrous six-month figures she sees some positive signs. An important step in the model program will be taken when new the 9-3X is launched in earnest soon – and today the very last 9-5 rolls off the the model line.

I hope they do as they’ve done with other significant Saab production models and get a photo of it coming off the line with some of the assembly workers.
And will it be driven from the factory straight to the Saab Museum as has been done with several other final production models?
It’s so sudden and seems way too short, but farewell to the Saab 9-5.
Saab 9-5 Griffin Edition

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